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Lake Wobegon Rides

Stearns County is preparing for its 25th annual Lake Wobegon Trail Caramel Roll, Lady Slipper, and Caramel Apple bike rides.

It’s a grand time of year to hit the Trail.

At any of the three events, choose to go east to Avon, Collegeville or St Joseph, west to Freeport, north to Holdingford and the covered bridge, then on the Soo Line Trail to Bowlus and Blanchard Dam on the Mississippi River. As always, the best caramel rolls you can find anywhere will be available at all the rest stops along the way.

I can’t be there, as I’m not back in Stearns County until September, but I’m still hoping to collect my Caramel Roll Ride 2023 t-shirt – sold in a fetching shade of heather red, the organizers having sensibly steered away from Deer Fly Blue.

It’s deer fly season, so you may want to wear appropriate headgear or attach a homemade Bucket of Death to the back of your t-shirt.

Help to clear the area by pedalling ahead this year, to save those cycling behind from kamikaze fly encounters and unexpected blood loss.

By the time I explore the Trail it will be autumn.

I’ll be wearing my heather red t-shirt, and there won’t be a deer fly in sight. Oh ja.

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